Music You HAVE to Check Out.

Hey Everyone,
I’m back! I know I’ve been gone for a while and I’ll give you an update on the trip and whatnot soon. If you to know of post cruise life I’ll be post about that right after this.Anyways, this morning I was bored with nothing to do and if you follow me on twitter you’ll know I started listening to music. Guys these are some songs you need to check out:

This song if off of Diddy’s album , Last Train to Paris. Now guys the only reason I even checked this song out if because Justin Timberlake tweeted about the album and if you know anything about me you know I’m a dieheart JT fan. When I first saw who all was in the song I was a tad bit spectacle but it’s great. Odd combo? yes but they really pulled if off. So check it out.

The Blackest Lily
So I was scooping out videos on Shea Moisture Hold and Shine and I stumbled upon a YouTuber who goes by Sweetpotatopie and she had this song in the intro of her video. Let  me tell you I don’t usually listen to Corinne Bailey Rae but this song just stuck in my head. Her voice in this song is just so soulful and groovy. At first I thought this was a Grey’s song but I was mistaken but it did lead me to my next song.

 Humanity (Love The Way It Should Be)
 Just to clarify this is the remake by John Legend and The Roots. Now you all know that I’m obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy and I’m going through withdrawals right now because there aren’t any new episodes. So when I thought The Blackest Lily was a Grey’s song and was right up on it searching to is if it was which is what lead me to this song. Now I’d be searching for this song since the episode first aired but it never donned on me to check out the ABC music lounge as I normally do. Luckily I found the song and I must say I’m really feeling it. I downloaded it ASAP and it will be added to my Grey’s playlist on Princess Vivian shortly.

 Refresh Me
I found this song by scrolling down the list of Grey’s songs and checking to see if they fit the criteria of songs I’ve been searching for. Refresh Me caught my attention because it’s by V.V. Brown. Now I’ve been a fan of V.V.’s since I downloaded Shark in the Water off of iTunes last February because it was free and had a nice sound. This song is really catchy and just makes you want to snap your fingers and wiggle your feet so I do suggest you all click on that link and listen to this tune.

Last but certainly not least is a song by Timbaland with The Fray and Esthero. Now anyone who watches Grey’s or knows of The Fray knows that it is said The Fray became a big hit in season two of Grey’s because of How to Save a Life. Personally, I discovered them through The-N with their song Over My Head but that’s besides the point. This song is so touching and just remembering how it played into the scene is why I love it so. I don’t know much about Esthero but I will tell you this is a a song that mainly revolves around The Fray. The song almost reminds me of something you’d here my OneRepulbic. I did enjoy how Timbaland was incorporated into the song and I highly suggest this song.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now folks. Thanks for reading.

Mil Besos, Ciao
-babycakesbriauna ♥

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