My Nail Polish Collection

Hi Everyone!
I love, love, love doing my nails. When I was younger I only liked french tips because I though anything else looked awkward on a long, fingers but now I love doing them any kind of way. I love going into the store, mainly Walgreens, and picking up a bottle of nail polish.

This is my new and improved collection after throwing out and giving away bunch a polish.

Even after that, I mainly only use these.

I love my Sally Hansen polishes! They run around $2.50 a pop and they usually last anywhere from 5-7 days before they begin to chip!

My Routine:
Once a week, generally on a Saturday, I removed my polish from the previous week. Then apply my Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Natural Tint, nail hardener, as my base. The I choose whatever color I’m feeling and apply my first coat, once the hardener has dried. Once this coat it dry, I apply a second. I finish everything off with either my Hard as Nails Natural or Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Invisible. Then Viola!

Since I began using the Hard as Nails, I’ve noticed that my nails barely break anymore and are stronger once I remove the polish also.

mil besos,ciao!
-babycakesbriauna ♥