New Year Resolutions? I Think Not!

Hello Lovelies,

First and foremost Happy New Year! I hope your 2012 has been going as great as mine has thus far. I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions. Yes the new year is a big thing but for me, by birthday is when I like to set goals. That being said, I have a list of goals I’d like to accomplish before a certain age, not in a time span of a year. Some of these goals are long term while others are short term. Some are very trivial while others have to do with my education. I’d like to share with you all some of my goals and even some of the ones I accomplished over the holiday season. This is not my whole list just things I feel comfortable sharing. I encourage you all to make your own lists. This is something you can look back on and feel accomplished about once you have completed something.
Short Term: (1 month -2years)
Have at least 2 bamboo plants 
Own an iPhone 
Own several pairs of Steve Madden shoes 
Own several Steve Madden purses 
Try clinique almost black honey 
Try pink lipstick 
Find the perfect red lip 
Try clinique make up
Own Nars products
Own at least 3 coach bags 
Own a maxiglide 
Perfect my winged liner 
Long Term: (2+ years)
Buy a house

Own rental property 
Finish med school
Have at least 2 kids
Own a Volvo
Travel Europe
Travel to Australia 
Visit 25 of the 50 states 
Own a gun
Write a story finish to end
Visit Brazil 
Speak at least 3 languages 
Study abroad in college