In the Absence of Words

A few days ago I told my good friend I wished to see her ,because it has been far too long.Tonight that wish came true but I wish it hadn’t, because the circumstances of which we were reunited are those I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
I spent the day with a heavy heart: mourning 3 individuals whose lives were ended far too soon. Individuals who I had met and shared several mutual friends with.
As I attempted to comfort those friends, I found myself at a loss for words. There simply aren’t words in any human language to express the loss of Deah, Yusor, Razan. In the absence of words, all I can do is pray. So I’ll go to bed tonight with a prayerful heart; hoping their families find peace ,and wishing the positivite energy these 3 carried with them in their lives still has a way to touch us all.

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