Get This Look: Danai Gurira at SDCC

Being the little nerd I am, I spent the last few weeks geeking out over various ComicCon panels, interviews, photos, etc. During my endless scrolling on my Tumblr dash, I stumbled upon this photo of Danai Gurira from The Walking Dead. I immediately stopped and stared ,because Danai is stunning and I needed that look. Just to  I really want to go to the islands and get a nice tan so I can have a rich, even summer glow like she does. Not to mention I love the contrast of white clothing on darker skin.


In my quest to recreate this look, I searched all types of sites for details pertaining to her look but couldn’t find one. Lo and behold while looking for a dress on H&M , I stumbled upon the shorts she was wearing. It was then I knew I absolutely had to recreate this look. I decided to provide alternative  footwear for those that aren’t too keen on heels.



Unfortunately the shorts are sold out in my size *ugly cry*, so I won’t be recreating this look,but I hope you all get a chance to. For any other fellow nerds out there, I’d love to know what looks and/or panels were your favourites.