What to Wear: 4th of July Edition

If you are anything like me, the 4th of July snuck up on you. My calendar and phone have been displaying that the month of June was quickly coming to an end, but I was not until I sat down to write a paper that I truly realised how close the 4th was. Between awareness of what is going in  social justice world, working, taking two summer classes, and attempting to binge watch as many shows a possible on Netflix, that meant I hadn’t thought much about the 4th of July. Which is surprising considering all the signs I’ve seen about fireworks the last week. How every un-American of me! 

As I write this post I’m contemplating several options I have as to how I will celebrate American’s birthday. No matter what I decide,I know one thing is certain, I will have to have a comfortable outfit. Last year I found myself in a navy lace top, black shorts, and summer scarf with the American flag printed on it which was literally thrown together last minute. If we’re being honest, I always have a terrible time figuring out what to wear. I go in with a general idea, it isn’t until the 11th hour that I make my final decision.

During the summer I love how radiant I look in white, yet blue bring out the richness in my skin tone. If you all don’t know red has always been my favourite colour. As I pick through my clothing, all of these things pop into my head. I could wear I nice with dress with bold red lip and blue shoes, or maybe my high waisted cobalt pants with a cute white cropped top. Let’s not forget there’s nothing more American an denim and a crisp white t-shirt. How can a girl choose?

Since I don’t have anything set in stone yet, I will leave you all with a few looks I have been toying around with.  I’d love to know what you all plan wearing for the 4th of July. If happen to be Canadian, do share what you’ll be wearing on Canada (July 1st)! Tweet me your outfits (@babycakebriauna) or tag me on Instagram (@babycakesbriauna) and Tumblr (@babycakesbriauna). Be safe and enjoy the festivities.