Backpacks: Not A Thing Of The Past

Much to your dismay you will not be leaving behind your backpack when you head off to university. Sure you see many bloggers and vloggers carrying totes, satchels,and over sized bags but those are not always ideal. When you know you won’t be returning to your dorm until 3 AM and you have to trip to fit your laptop, textbook, notebooks, snacks, pens, hoodie, water bottle, socks, and glasses case in one bag (trust me it’ll happen), you won’t be a happy camper. 
I will admit I do get away with carrying a tote with my iPad to class and work, but sometimes a backpack is necessary. These are my some of picks that will comfortable, fashionable, and durable enough to carry you throughout your 4 year journey. 
  • Statebags: A Brooklyn based company that offers classic to funky bags in various colours. Why not support an American brand that donates one bag to a child in need for every bag that is bought. How can one say not to that!
  • OGIO : Bags come with a great deal of padding. They are large enough to carry 15 inch laptops and at least two science text books simultaneously! Not to mention the numerous pockets which allows you to utilise various storage space you’ll like need. 
  • Herschel: These backs tend to be to be simplistic and clean cute. With brand that has been around as long as Herschel, I think it’s durability speaks for itself. 
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