FallFest 2015

One of my favourite parts of the new school year is FallFest. It is how us Tarheels kick off the school year with lots of food, goodies,music, and informational booths. I only planned to stay for a few hours,but wound up not getting back to my dorm until around 1:45AM. Woops…
This year we had some pretty cool things such as HBOGo coming out to make all the GoT fans fangirl like crazy.
Who wouldn’t want to sit on the Iron Throne…. *raises hand* That line was far too long. 
No one had time for that! However, I did have time to snap a quick picture with a few of our footballer players with my lovely roommate. 
With all the walking I did, I decided to dress for comfort. For some silly reason,I assumed the weather would cool down so I opted to wear a 3/4th sleeve shirt, denim shorts, Kate Spade sneakers, and bring along my trusted camel backpack to tote around all my goodies. Initially I wanted to wear my favourite black shorts,but I have not unpacked completely and was in no mood to go fishing. lol. While I was somewhat hot in the shirt, I can’t say I didn’t look cute!
All in all it was a night well spent, and a reminder I won’t be wearing shorts much longer! Until next time.
Shirt- Kohl’s// Shorts – American Eagle (similar) // Sneakers -Kate Spade Keds (similar) // Backpack – Target (similar)