October Favourites

My favourites for this month have been all over the place. There is really no rhyme or reason to them,but I hope they’re something you all can find enjoyment as I did.

Banana Republic Military Parka: I picked this parka up around my birthday and I quickly became a staple piece in my closet. The material is thick enough to keep me warm on these rainy,breezy days, yet lightweight enough to fold and crazy in my oversized tote if I’m too warm later in the day.

iPhone 6s: Due to unforeseen circumstances I wound upgrading my iPhone sooner than expected. I am now the proud owner of the gold 6s. At first wasn’t too wowed by this technology and though I should have saved the money and copped the 6. After playing with it a few days and learning all the capabilities such as the moving pictures (It’s Harry Potter in real life) I was sold. While I do miss the compact size of my 5s my new phone will keep me happy for the next 2 years.

Kelly Rowland’s Mona Lisa: If you watch Empire you already know Kelly Rowland has been making short guest appearances as Lucious’s mother via flashbacks. There have been little melodies of her voice,but we finally have an entire song with her voice. I’m a huge fan of Nat King Cole and let me tell you, Kelly certainly does him justice. Her version a bit softer and angelic but still as powerful. It has been on repeat with Adele’s Hello.

Shea Moisture JBCO Leave In: It’s getting colder (some days) that means I’ll less likely to stick my head under the shower head to reactivate the curls and a moisturising . Instead I’ve been rocking somewhat protective styles and this product helps to keep my hair moisturized for a while so I’m not constantly manipulating it.

Turbans: Speaking of protect styles this has been one of them. Autumn in North Carolina also means rainy season, and I just  happen to live in area that gets more rain than the rest of the state. Luckily turbans allow me to keep my hair dry and add some flare to my daily look.

Cardigans + T-shirts: This combo has been my go to during the month of October. It’s easy to dress up or down and doesn’t require much thought in the mornings.

Large Earrings: One piece of jewelry I’ve worn quite a few times happens to be a pair of wooden earrings from Kasandy based out of Canada. My pair are tri-coloured blue diamond shaped. Wood is light in weight and soft on the ear unlike some earrings of the same size. Christmas is coming up and they would make perfect stocking stuffers(or you can be selfish and just treat yourself!)

NYX Brown lip pencilAdu Dhabi matte lip cream: This duo provides me the perfect lip pencil for my skin tone.