When Beyoncé Becomes Penny Proud

If you’re a 90s baby that grew up watching Disney, you’ll recognise me as Penny Proud from The Proud Family. Originally I was going to be Queen Bey from the Flawless video. I had the plaid shirt, cut off shorts, temporary hair colour spray (hello Blonde), and the booties. All I needed was the belt and “Queen” necklace. To make a long story short, my items didn’t arrive on time and Beyoncé became Penny Proud.
Everything was already there in my wardrobe, so I all to do was finish some Chucks (thanks roomie) and wear some pigtails/puffs. While I was salty I couldn’t be Bey, my Penny look was a hit and kept me warm along with Storm (Damola) and Disco Chick (Olivia).

I also happened to find Frank Ocean. He would not tell me when we’d be receiving that album tho. Despite the less than warm weather and seeing all of the culturally offensive costumes, Halloween turned out to be a night well spent with friends and a great transition into a new month. 
As I said goodbye to Halloween, Daylight’s Saving Time, and October, I said hello to more sleep, new challenges, and restarts. This month I’ll be doing #NoRepeatsNovember. The challenge is simple, do not clothing more than once this month with the exception of accessories, footwear, and outerwear. I’ll be positing daily photos on my Instagram: @thebabycakesbriauna and weekly recaps here on the blog. 
Lastly I’ll be returning to my Journey to Clear Skin Series. There are several variables as to why those posts died off,but I’m going to start strong again and update you all one what’s going on with my skin. I know many of you appreciated those posts so I’m going to give you what you’re looking for. 
I hope you all had a fantastic week and I’d love to know what you all did the last weekend. 

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