12 Days of Blogmas Day 1

So we have 12 Days until we get to Christmas, so I’m kicking off my 12 days of Blogmas. It’ll include little bits and bobs all holiday related leading up to the 25th! There are a lot of people out there doing 25 days of blogmas, but do to finals and other life happenings, I decided to shorten it. You can expect posts daily, and I might even upload a couple videos with my roommate Damola!

Day 1 – 5 Things I Love About the Season
  1. Christmas Songs: From Joy to the World to All I Want For Christmas is You, there’s nothing like blasting a Christmas song and belting them off key.
  2. Peppermint Bark: I love, love, love peppermint bark, especially when it’s dipped and melted in hot chocolate. I hate that it’s only sold this time of the year, but I enjoy it while it’s around
  3. Parties: From office parties to get to togethers with friends, tis the season of gatherings, eating, and good times with people. So break out your ugly Christmas sweater or your favourite sparkle dress and have a good time.
  4. Nativity:  This is the perfect time to reflect on one of the reasons for the season and embracing everything that comes with that.
  5. Family Time: There is nothing like reuniting with relatives that life far away and bounding over food, drinks, and shared memories. It isn’t about gifts or material things, but those irreplaceable moments with the ones near and dear