12 Days of Blogmas – Day 3

If you live on the east coast of the US, you’ve probably been experiencing a heat front. The the high in my area was 74 F today. This is the type of weather I’d expect back home in Florida. As I’m sure you all can guess, this is impacting my holiday spirit, but don’t worry peeps, I have a few remedies. 
  • Decorating Your Living Space: You might already have a tree up, but what about your den or sleeping area? Hang some lights. Burn a holiday scented candle. 
  • Create a Playlist: There’s nothing like positive reinforcement, so keep your favourite holiday tunes on repeat.
  • Look at Photos: Sometimes reminiscing on yesterday and the holidays of the past can help.
  • Dress the Part: This doesn’t just apply to office. Break out your ugly Christmas sweaters, knitted scarves, and adorable beanies. Just don’t over do it, we don’t want you passing out from a heat stroke.
  • Fake it Til You Make it!: If all else fails, buy some fake snow and throw it around your home until. Lol.
Hopefully Mother Nature decides to be kind to us. 
Until Next Time,