12 Days of Blogmas – Day 8 Nochebuena

Twas the night before Christmas and it was a Feliz Noche Buena!

For those of you that don’t know Nochebuena translate to “Good Night”, but for these purposes it part of the Christmas festivities celebrated by countries with influences from Spain.
From Puerto Rico to The Philippines, the Eve of Christmas is Noche Buena acting as one of the largest holiday feasts, usually following mass if the families are Catholic. 

Often families come together, decorating with nativity scenes as a reminder of the religious meaning attached to the holiday.  Like most Christmas parties this is a time to catch up with family, eat good food, and  play some fun games.

From families of Caribe descent the traditional meal is a pork roast (or the entire pig) with rice, beans, pasteles, and some sort of green on the side. Dominos will be played, Coquito or Puerto Rican Eggnog  (coconut milk, condensed milk, and white rum ) will be consumed, bachata will be danced.

Since we’re going to an event at a family friend’s home tonight we will be having our pork roast and beans and other dishes for Christmas Day dinner. 

I you all have any culture specific tradition you celebrate with your families?
Happy Christmas Eve,
Aitza Briauna