Leaves, Lists, and Snow Days

Hi Lovelies,
I hope you all are having a fantastic week. The snow and slush are still here but the black ice and cancelled classes are gone. Instead of watching Dr. Miami and DJ Khaled on snapchat all day while light white chunks created a blanket on ground and heavy drops pounded against my window, I am trekking across campus praying I don’t bust my bum on a sheet of ice, which almost happened Tuesday morning. Thankfully I’m pretty flexible and was able to do a split with both my hands full without hitting the ground!

Instead of moaning about how a large sheet of snow nearly landed on my head  or the high  was nearly 60°F, I’ll give you a recap of my long weekend that has be considering broking my morning classes and some photos to to brighten up your day if you haven’t seen sunshine lately.  


If you follow my personal Tumblr or Twitter account( and no I’m not sharing. It’s easier to find than you might think), you know I write fanfic for a few different fandoms. I spent this short break working on all three of the stories I have active. There’s nothing quite like reconnecting with characters and continuing their stories.

Binge Watch
Similar to my reading list, I’m certain my queue will never be complete. I took this time to chip away at it by  watching two shows on MaxGo(Cinemax’s version of HBOGO). One if a series that ended back in December Strike Back which is action packed and a spy series. The other is The Knick which is a 1900s medical drama set in NYC. I highly recommend them both.
Revive the Curls
While I was binge watching these shows, I followed Damola’s lead and decided to do my hair. While detangling and braiding and all that jazz can be a bit tiring, there’s nothing like a good deep conditioning having the curls back!

Sleep In

While I certainly had late nights , I also slept in. There is something freeing about not waking up at an alarm. I had that luxury last semester but with classes starting at 9:05 and 9:30 those habits are long gone. Y’all just don’t understand this sleep had me contemplating dropping my 9:30 briefly lol!

Quality Time with Friends

Since meetings were cancelled and roads weren’t clear, we all used this time to gather together. One ever we made a meal, listened to music, and enjoyed each other’s conversation. It was nice to have that little breather and reminded me the promise I made to myself this year.

Work Ahead

This one isn’t the most exciting task, but it pays off in the long run. Reading ahead freed up parts of my days this week that allowed me to nap or just goof off no social media guilt free without having to be up until 3AM. I doubt reading will ever keep me up that late this semester, there’s a comfort in knowing my schedule is clear.

Apply for Positions

Internship hunting season is here. There are positions I applied to before winter break,but most companies I’m interested in interning at did not start posting positions until January or even next month. With new listings popping up on my school’s career website every day, I took the time to tweak my resume, draft some cover letters, and hope for the best.
That’s the summation of my long weekend, but back to this outfit before I say bye bye. If you replace the hat with a beanie and throw on a coat,  it would be an effortless, warm post snow day look. I would love to know how you spent your snow day if you had one.
Mil Besos,
shirt – Banana Republic (similar) // tights/leggins – Ross (similar) // scarf – Gifted (similar)//
 boots – bøc (similar) – (similar)  // watch – Michael Kors // lips – Clinique Chucky Stick
  • Beautiful pictures! I could take a “leaf” out of your book (puns, anyone? 😀 ) and start looking for internships too! An internship is required for my degree and I haven't even given it a single thought yet…

  • Hahaha thanks, Danielle! Like you some of my friends have required internships for their degrees, but luckily I don't. However I do need more experience,because I want to work before I go to grad school. May the odds be in both our favours during internship hunting season!