OOTD | Old Reminders in a New Year

Hi all,

Happy 2016! I’m sure a lot of you went back to school and work yesterday – I have until next Monday – and are dreading the early mornings after having some time off to relax and enjoy family time. I know I am and it isn’t even time for me for set an alarm yet!

It seems after a lot of begging 2016 brought us what 2015 refused to fork over…winter! As soon as 2016 hit the temperatures dropped and the snow began to fall.I guess that was Mother Nature’s belated Christmas to us all.

Well along with winter, 2016 brought a few reminders along as well. As I was scrolling through my photos deciding what I would post, I stumbled upon some pictures I’d taken before I returned home for break. The weather was bright and shiny; I believe I was a nice 75°F.

While I loved the looked I was wearing that day (because what isn’t there to love about nude flats, white tees, and ankle jeans) , I didn’t plan to make these photos. It was just me being silly-serious and tinkering with my tripod and camera. However, I was flooded with memories of the delightful lunch I got dressed up for that day. I met with a friend I made as a bright eyed, brushy tailed, naive first year.

This friend and I see each other every semester, exchange information about social awareness, and even have banters on Twitter about pop culture, but we hadn’t sat down for one on one time in ages. Since classes were over, I took the time reach out and make plans to grab a bite to eat.

It’s so easy to get caught up with class, work, internships, thinking about the future and other responsibilities that connections made in previous years can fall behind. It’s no one person’s fault. We are all busy people with even easier lives, but we make time for things and those that matter. So in 2016 that’s what I plan to do. I can be a movie night twice a semester, monthly dinner nights, or standing brunch date (ask you can tell I appreciate activities that involve food).

As the year begins and college ends for some of my peers, I realise I won’t always see kind smiles on campus. I intend to make the most of the time I have with them, so they know that I care and they matter to me.

This isn’t a resolution or a goal but more so a promise to myself. I won’t challenge you all to make promises to yourselves or set goals. Instead, reflect and start your year how you want you. You have 366 days, so make them count!

Aitza B
shirt – H&M // flats – Express // military jacket – Banana Republic (similar)  //
 jeans –  H&M  //earrings – Banana Republic (similar) // crossbody – Zara  //
 lipstick – Clinique Whole Lotta Honey // sunnies – Local Boutique (similar/ designer) //