Journey to Clear Skin Week 5: Morning Me

Hi yall,
I hope everyone is a having a great week. If you happen to be thick into midterm season the end is near. Just on in there a little while longer. 
This week I wanted to do something a bit different. Generally the pictures I post are either midday or after I’ve washed my face. This time I wanted to offer a different perspective by showing my face fresh in the morning. 
The previous night I washed my face with my Mario Badescu Gyloclic Foam Cleanser (which doesn’t really foam) and used my Retina A cream and Bio Oil

My skin feels smooth and supple , to be a bit cliche, like a baby’s bottom. I’ve noticed when it’s particularly cold outside my skin will over produce oil if I wash it in the morning. So some days I’ll use my toner in the morning, soothe on some moisturizer, and wash my face midday around 1 PM. This works out just fine because my nighttime shower usually occurs between midnight and 1AM. 

It certainly wasn’t in the original plan but listening to your skin and its needs, especially in ever changing weather, is better than sticking to a rigid plan that might not be doing good.
Well that’s all I’ve got for week.
Until Next Time,
Aitza Briauna

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