OOTD | Relaxed Looks

So it’s that time of the year where everything is stressful and you can’t wait until the finish line is crossed. Last week I had three midterms back to back and there are two more this week (thankfully these happen to be take home/ essay format).

When you’re stressed, sleep deprived, and running off of caffeine – Team Black Tea – the first thing you want to do is stress for comfort. Unlike some of my peers I don’t skip showers , although my hair is in dire need of TLC, and I rarely wear sweats and leggings. Instead I opt for a comfy, cotton shirt and some loose fitting pants.

Since the every so finicky weather has been fluctuating between the high 40s/low 50s to the low 70s, I’m still staying covered up. On a day similar to this one where there wasn’t much of a breeze , but I knew it would be a bit chilly in classrooms this is the perfect look.

This light turquoise fitted t-shirt gives the right pop of brightness as we welcome spring time. As someone that sits in several odd and flexible positions during testing, boyfriend jeans are the way to go. Denim has always been my go to comfort pants and the boyfriend style offers loose comfort that isn’t found with skinny or bootcut jeans.

Of course, I’ve been slipping on my printed flats. Remember back when I had non buyer’s remorse, well I found a quick remedy to that and have been putting these puppies to good use. They’ve finally been broken in and sit near the door for those days I’ve in a rush and only have on solid colours. I’m learning tiny pops of print can make a big difference in adding finishing touches to outfits, and flats makes it easy to slip off my shoes if I’m in the library typing away for a paper.

With that said, I need to get back to finishing my last two papers before spring break! Also don’t forget to grab a good meal and find sometime do something creative; your grades will thank you later!

Until Next Time,
Aitza Briauna

top – Charlotte Russe (similar)  // jeans – American Eagle // shoes – Express // scarf – Ross//
bracelet – Banana Republic (similar)// camera – Canon t5

  • This look is SO my cuppa tea… It's chic, colorful, and comfy!!!

    Best of luck on your exams!!