Warby Parker New Glass, Who Dis?

Hi Peeps,

Remember the unfortunate incident with my sunnies and my Try At Home experience with Warby Parker, well my glasses arrived arrived 3 weeks ago today and I couldn’t be more in love.

So I’m also in love with the mango

Now I know I’m blind, seriously. If it weren’t for corrective lenses I would be considered legally blind.

 Not only had I outgrown my old glasses from a fashion stand point, my eyes were working in overdrive to compensate for an older prescription. Let me tell you all, when I put the new pair on I gasped and scared my cousin. The shock of how clear the world was and sharp everything looked stunned me. I don’t think I’ve had that type of reaction since I first got contacts.

Since I’m rather pleased with glasses and money I saved (around $400), I thought it would only be fitting to share my entire experience with you all.



This was fairly simple. If you recall I decided to get the Chamberlain frames, so I went the site, added them to my basket, and proceeded to check out. After asking for the usual billing, shipping, etc I was prompted to upload my prescription. Seeing as I’m blind and all, it was recommended I opt for the 1.67 high index lenses for $30 more and then my order was complete. Following this I received my receipt and confirmation with an estimation of 7-12 business days for my glasses to arrive, which I already had anticipated.

After this, I was taken to another page where I could measure my pupillary distance (PD) using a tool created by the company and a card. The card was held in front of my face and my computer took a selfie of me.  About a couple hours after I received the confirmation email, another email appeared in my inbox suggesting 1.72 high index lenses , which didn’t surprise me.

This time I had a few questions about the cost, the 1.72 high index lenses cost $130, but at the time it wasn’t specified if this was an additional $100 or $130 on top of the extra $30 I had already paid. The representative I spoke to was extremely helpful and this conversation lasted on more than 10 minutes. Another confirmation landed in my inbox and we were good to go.


The order shipped on a Wednesday and arrived the following Tuesday, well ahead of schedule  as that Monday was a holiday.  Quickly I tore into a box as if it were Christmas morning, and I knew the topic gift on my wishlist was under the tree. The frames seemed a bit smaller than the try at home pair which was suited me just fine. At first I was worried they might be flimsy because they felt rather light, but I haven’t had any issue thus far.


As much as I love my glasses, I do wish I had opted for a thicker frame. Even with the thinnest lens available, there’s about 2-3 mm that still sticks out.


Along with the frames, I received a sturdy cases and cute little carrying pouch which doubles as a cleaning cloth. All n all I would rate this experience an 8.5/10, and  I certainly see myself ordering my next pair of glasses from them in the future

Aitza Briauna


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