OOTD | Laced Lace Sunday Looks

Petite friendly lace dress accented with gold lace up flats from Gap. | petitely packaged
Happy Sunday,
May this be the start to a joyful and bright week for all of you. Since it’s Sunday, the day I tend to attend church,  thought I might share what I would typically wear to church for a Sunday morning service.
The church I am a member of rather large(not mega church), but it has a very laid pack feel to it; my pastor preachers in Vans and Coach sneakers most Sundays. So it isn’t unusual to see people in a assortment of attire from jean and t-shirts to three piece suits; it is a true come as you are church.
Petite friendly lace dress. | petitely packaged
Typically I dress somewhere in between. As you know by know my closet runneth over, and church is the perfect place to wear many of the dress or dress trousers I have just hanging in my wardrobe. To avoid overdoing it, it isn’t unusual for me to pair my dressier article of clothing with something more casual.
When I wear dresses, they are often paired with flats. When I wear jeans, those are often paired with heels and a simple blouse. See, there’s a nice little balance.
Petite friendly lace dress accented with gold lace up flats from Gap. | petitely packaged
In the hot, humid, summer I love wearing dresses. I can have my arms and legs exposed when I’m outside, yet it’s nothing to slip on my jean jacket or slight cardigan inside the sanctuary.
Petite friendly lace dress accented with denim jacket and  gold lace up flats from Gap. | petitely packaged
That’s all there is to it. I’d love to know what you all were to your religious services if you attend any? Do you have similar attire to mine or are you a bit more conservative?
Until Next Time,
Aitza B
dress- Ross (similar  –  similar)//flats – Gap (similar – similar) // denim jacket – Ross (similar) // clutch – Kate Spade (similar)
  • I love this outfit and I bet it would've looked great on as well. I think dresses look so good on other people but weird on me! So I usually just stick to jeans.


  • Thanks for much. This is one of my faovurite dresses. It was so cute on, but the pictures my cousin took turned out too blurry. It took me a while to get back into dress. I was jeans all day every day. They are still a staple in my wardrobe, but I think what I love the most about dresses is only having to switch on piece of clothing to go from casual to professional vice versa. Thanks a bunch for dropping by!