Etiquette Series : Honouring Your Commitments

Hi all,

I hope the month of March has been treating you well. For me it is spring break season and I’m back home in Florida doing the tourist thing. However, I didn’t want to leave you all hanging while I’m off soaking up sun. So here’s another installment in our etiquette series.

Why You Need to be Honouring Your Commitments  

We live in a culture where networking is everything. It truly is what you know and who you know. That is why having good manners when it comes to your commitments. This not only includes situations like following through on promises you  make to a friend or on commitments that you’ve made to your study group, but it also means keeping appointments that you’ve made with professors, counsellors, and business professionals.


You want to do your best to not double book yourself, so make sure you have your plans saved on a digital and physical planner.   It will help you stay organised and save you from the awkwardness of having to tell someone you’ve your mistake. Additionally this means  showing up to functions that you’ve indicated  you will be attending.



It is not only for your benefit in terms of expanding your network or acquiring skills, but it shows you are thinking of others who may be waiting on a cancellation so they can attend. Please keep in mind a great deal of energy  and money goes into event planning. Even when it’s a simple coffee date, that is time someone could have been allocating elsewhere.  So you want to so do everything you can to be known as the person who is considerate and courteous .


What to Do When You Can’t Make It

Try not to panic. I know for some , it may feel as though you are letting the other party down, because others have reserved their time for you. In case plans change, be courteous and cancel as soon as you are aware you will not ne able to attend. If for some reason it’s a last minute emergency, do your best to convey that. If you are backing away from a larger commitment, where a person or organisation is depending on your presence find a replacement. This situations can be stressful and often leave the other party scrambling to fill the gap. Knowing that you made the effort to allievate some of the stress, will go a long way in speaking to tournament character. We are all human and realise stuff happens. By keeping that line of communication open, you aren’t burning bridges you might need in the future.


Until Next Time,

Aitza B

  • Good thoughts all. My mom would be proud to know you!

  • Shannon Sawicki

    Good advice here I feel like everyday etiquettes are getting lost over time. Maybe I am Just old fashioned.

  • A simple rule and art yet its amazing how many people don’t follow it! Great advice and tips on how to politely decline in a timely manner.

  • I love how simple this act of respect is but so often I don’t see it being used by others. I for one will always make sure I am on time for events unless there are extenuating circumstances out of my control but it’s nice to see others who feel the same way!

    Helen xx

  • This is also why I don’t want to over commit in case I can’t handle the workload. But it’s really important that we do honor the commitments that we make and be honest when we can’t meet them.

  • It is very important in business and private life to honor commitments. Failure to do so tells the others that they are not important or that you do not value them and their business. Fatal.

  • such good advice. it’s not fair to others if we cannot honor our committments.

  • Sian

    Really good advice, its never fair to let people down last minute but sometimes it cant be helped.

  • That is my biggest fear, not being able to meet a deadline! But like they say “practice makes perfect” and we learn as we go along. if it’s an emergency that can easily be resolved as for other situations we need to try and avoid it. Love the advice your shared with us, thanks.

  • Thanks for the advice!

  • Meghna

    Great advice and something so simple as common public courtesy is so rare to find. Thanks for sharing

  • You are so right about this! Especially in my generation I almost expect people to go back on their word after they have told me yes about something. Its sad. It would be nice if people could handle these situations better and feel okay to say no when then need to.