What I Learnt from My Disney Trip as an Adult

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Hi All,

Remember a couple weeks ago when I was soaking up sunshine in Florida and stuffing my face with a bunch of food? Remember how I promised a recap of my Disney World trip? Well, it’s finally here! Bijan and I had a blast during our final spring break trip as undergrads by embracing our inner children, getting very little sleep, and finding as many opportunities as possible to take photos.

Sometimes Bigger isn’t Always Better

You don’t need a larger group to have a memorable trip. Plenty of my friends travelled in larger groups, but I opted to join one friend for this week long adventure. Bijan and I attend uni in two different states, so we don’t see each other as frequently as I do my other friends. Which means this trip had more than one purpose: acting like children and catching up in person. I cannot be certain if we had another person with us, our bonding experience would have been similar.

disney, spring break, black girls travel,

Additionally, it was much easier take to plan our days are just the two of us. When you’re traveling you want everyone to have a great time. That is why you decided to take the trip after all. Unfortunately the more people you have, the more likely it is someone will be disappointed about missing out on doing something they wanted to for the benefit of a friend. If you’re type of person who does not want to make these compromises (*whispers* me ), you might be better off traveling with just one person.

It’s Tempting to Forget a Budget

It will be very tempting to want to swipe your card in order to get all the merch or eat everything you see in sight. Let me tell you, I was so tempted to swipe now and worry later, but we must remember financial wellness can’t be abandoned completely for festivities. A couple things you can do is only pay with cash. Full disclosure, I tried this on Day 1 at Epcot and lost over $80, so if you are like me and not good with cash, you might want to bypass this option.

disney as adult, disney world, winnie the pooh, spring break, epcot, black girl magic, food, black girls travel


Another way is to only carry your debt with and treat it like cash. What I wound up doing that unfortunate event was ,using one debit card and my credit card with the lowest limit. Knowing in the back of my mind I didn’t have an unlimited amount kept me from having a sad looking bank account in the near future.


Bringing Your Camera is Never a Bad Idea

If you happen to have a DSLR like me and Bijan, your safari ride will be even more exciting. I swear zoom makes everything better for trips like this! I was a bit skeptical at first, it’s a $700 camera, and I’m getting on rides that flip upside down and just bumping into people throughout the day, but it held up well. If I’m being honest, my 40mm lens offered better quality pictures than Disney’s. Gotta love team Canon!

disney as adult, disney world, winnie the pooh, spring break, epcot, black girl magic, pluto, black girls travel

Let’s not forget, you’re at the happiest place on Earth!  People will be more than willing to take your picture for you on your phone or your camera. However, if you’re like us and want to visit characters or princesses, take your camera with you. Disney will charge you $169 for the Disney PhotoPass which gives you access to the photos they take of you at the various spots and on rides. If you just want pictures of you with characters, a cast member will take your photo with your personal camera. That way you can cut out the middle man and still get good quality photos like these!

disney, spring break, black girls travel,

disney, spring break, black girls travel,


You’re Never too Old to Play at Disney

As fun as it was to walk around Epcot drinking and eating as an adult, I loved reverting back to childhood as at the Magic Kingdom. That is where I went to Cinderella’s Castle to finally meet Princess Tiana !

disney, spring break, black girls travel,

To add to my childlike behaviour, I stood in line for 40 minutes read the Winne the Pooh story. Roaming through The Hundred Acre Hood is where truly unleashed my inner child. I found some adorable little children to help out while we waited, unfortunately the groundhog had got back to hiding. But the enclosure was nothing but interactive play as we went through the line. As I get ready to graduate and lose the bubble college as created for me, it can be scary to think about what’s next. But remembering to play, to just live in the moment without a care of your surroundings,  is a beautiful thing.


disney, spring break, black girls travel,

Never Forget People are Kind

As after I stopped playing with the babies and completed the Hundred Acre Wood ride, Bijan and I were all geared up to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Well, it turned out the lined closed 2 minutes after we got off our ride, despite a cast member telling us otherwise.

Being the clever person she is, Bijan suggested I ask a family already in line to join them.  The worst they could say was not. scoping the line, I found a cute little brown family and pled my case. I’m not sure if it was the sadness in my voice or the spirit of the day, but this kind family let me join them.It was a simple and kind gesture, but it was the highlight of my day.

disney, spring break, winnie the pooh, black girls travel,

It served as a reminder, at the end of the day, people are truly good and humanity prevails!

Until Next Time,

Aitza B


  • Aww I want to go back to Disney World So badly! Very nice tips/thoughts you have here. xx

    • Aitza B

      You need to go if you can work it into your budget. You’d have a blast! Thanks for commenting.

      Aitza B

  • Love this! I went to Epcot Food & Wine for a day last fall and had an absolute blast! It was a long day in the park but so totally worth it. Did you get to check out the Frozen ride? That was the longest wait we had!!

    • Aitza B

      It’s been a dream of mine to go to Epcot Food & Wine now that I’m over the age of 21. I think my cousin and I will celebrate our birthdays together this year and finally do it. Unfortunately I didn’t get on the Frozen ride. We didn’t want to spend over an hour standing in the rain. How was it for you?

  • my dream place to go since a child, am already 30 something but that dream still a dream

    • Aitza B

      You’ll make it there one day. Disney isn’t going anywhere. Just start a savings fund and put a few dollars in there every month, then your dreams will become a reality.

      Aitza B

  • I see you have a great time. I love cartoons even in my age I’m so happy when I see some old Disney cartoon. I really hope one day, I get the chance to travel in a Disney world. Camera is always your best friend when you have that kind of experience.

  • Awww, you look like you had an amazing time! You really got some great pictures. My favorite is of you with the Princess. I can see how it would be easy just to keep spending money. I have yet to Disney Land. It’s on my bucket list for sure.

  • I loved your idea that bigger isn’t necessarily better. I too have found this to be the case. We’ve been invited a couple of times to go different places as part of a tour and in each case, we decided not to. I know when I’m on vacation, I’m far happier if it’s just the two of us because we’re able to set our own agenda and not have to do things on a schedule.

  • I totally agree with everything you’ve stated here! No one is ever too old for Disneyland, for sure 😉 I went a trip recently with my best friend to this place and we had such an amazing time! I’m glad you had a great time too!

  • Reminds me of the line in Cinderella to have courage and be kind. There most definitely is kindness in the world. You just have to look for it sometimes. And I love Disneyland and Disneyworld. You are never too old for both of those parks. I definitely won’t forget the camera.

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  • Marjie Mare

    I always feel guilty to have as much fun as my kids until one of my co-workers went for her honeymoon in Disney. I used to purchase a prepaid card for vacation from my bank but they don’t provide that option anymore. I have to look for plan B for next vacation as I am like you and love to eat and swipe without there is no tomorrow.

    • Aitza B

      Yes, I saw so many “just married” couples there.

      Aww, it sucks your bank doesn’t offer prepaid cards anymore. That was such a savvy way not to overspend. Hopefully you find another alternative.

  • Liz

    I love Disney! It is handsome down one of my favorite places to visit, even as an adult. It really is a magical place. I’ll keep this post in mind for my next trip!

    • Aitza B

      Disney is for everyone. No matter the age. I’m coming out with a winter/early spring Disney packing guide soon. Thanks for commenting, Liz

  • I know a few couples who have gotten married at Disney! It seems insanely expensive, but I guess if it’s what you want, it’s what you want!

  • Joline

    What a fun time! We actually prefer to travel in a small group, in fact just my spouse and I lol. And yes, I’d definitely bring my own camera!

  • I was just there last month (first time!) and had a blast too. I love the tips you gave–very helpful!

  • Aww, sounds like such a fun trip! I love Disney, watching Zootopia as I type!!

  • I love that a family let you join them in line to meet Winnie. That type of “pixie dusting” is what keeps me going to back to Disney World! I swear something magical happens every time!

  • These are such great tips! I haven’t been to Disney in so long. I miss it.

  • That was such a cute read! I think it’s important to never lose contact with our inner child. And I agree, people are kind and most of the times they are just a reflection of how we are!

  • I love Disney and I think the experience is so different compared to when you’re a kid. I prefer smaller groups to go there – its more fun and intimate. I love taking photos there, too. Though I don’t take my big DLSR because I love to be hands on, I always take my phone and a smaller camera.

  • Mike L

    What I learned from Disney as an adult….it is expensive and there a lot of kids lol!

    • Aitza B

      Listen, I didn’t want to see another child for a month after leaving Disney. Lol