Book 23, Chapter 1 – The Story Continues

Happy First Day of Autumn!

Happy Last Day of Virgo Season!

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Bye Bye Golden Year

My golden year was pretty epic filled with brunches, photography, fandoms, festivals, and great friends. In some ways, I would call it my detox/ editing year. I stopped going to events I didn’t care about just because that’s the expected. Time was spent shifting my career path and discovering talents that are not related to the medical field. The memories made my senior year of college were simply unforgettable.

I said yes to things that scared me and were unknown. I let go of friends that were not adding value to my life. It wasn’t all sweetly flavoured wine and smiles bigger than my forehead, but the uncomfortable bits made me stronger and wise.  I unapologetically did things that made me happy like wearing the hell out of the dress pictured below. I swear every other blog post features a photo of me wearing this.

Celebrating my golden birthday in Atlanta -

Photo Credit: Essence Bijan

Book 23, Chapter 1 – The Story Continues

I don’t know what this next year holds for me and for once I’m excited by the thought of not knowing. I cannot remember a time when I haven’t tried to control as many variables in my life as possible to receive my desired outcome. Sometimes it worked and others God laughed at my plans.

What my golden year taught me was it’s okay to let go and let God. Running into the unknown with nothing more than a wish and work can be the best thing to happen to you. Perhaps I’ll check a few things off my 30 Before 30 List, or maybe I won’t do a single thing on there and find other adventures to fill my 23rd book with. As long as “I love myself when I am laughing. . . and then again when I am looking mean and impressive”  it’ll be a year well spent.

Plus 23 is the Jordan Year. It’s destined to be nothing but legendary!

Since it’s the first day of autumn, go and throw on a scarf! You have to do what I say today. It’s my day!

Until Next Time,

Aitza B




Tied Bell Sleeve Top – LOFT // Petite Modern Skinny Jeans – LOFT // Donddim Sandals – Steve Madden (not pictured)
Shoreline Sneaker- Converse// Distressed Denim Jacket – Ross (similar) // Fit and Flare Dress – Target (different pattern) 
Beanie – Target // Pullover Sweater – Gap (similar) // Camel Moto Jacket – Tobi //  AE Denim X Jegging – American Eagle 
  • I love that you’re focusing more on making yourself happy than making others happy. You’re young and have plenty of time, so go and take that trip, wear that dress, make those dreams of yours come true!

    • Aitza B

      Thanks so much, Carol! Sometimes I feel like I’ve been on this earth before, but I have to remind myself I have a lot of life left to live!

  • This is so adorable! Happy Birthday! Also, love that 30 before 30 list, I hope you accomplish it all 🙂

  • I love when the seasons change. I’m ready for fall. Happy belated birthday.

  • It’s hard to have a year of letting go of the bad and saying yes to challenges, but it is so worth it. Happy Birthday and cheers to another awesome year of growing!

  • A legendary year for sure! I love this time of year.

  • That’s awesome that you let go of the things hindering you to find the things you truly needed in your life. I hope that it is a legendary for you as well.

  • Rita

    Life only continues to get better from here! You look beautiful and you seem to have your head on right, knowing what you want out of life so here’s to the Jordan year! 💗

  • Kim

    Such beautiful photos! I enjoyed reading this! I too let go of friends that were not adding value to my life.

  • happy birthday!!! the color gold looks gorgeous on you!

  • Wow nice post and happy birth day to you .. Every sunrise is a new beginning enjoy it ..make it memorable 🙂

  • It’s always nice looking back of all the things you have accomplished. Then maybe, if there’s more to do, then do. Belated happy birthday.

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