Carry Home (and Bartaco) with You – Blogmas Day 6

Sometimes home is a place and sometimes home is a taco. #blogmas #bartacosecrettaco #spon
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On the 6th day of blogmas, Aitza gave to me…. tasty Bartaco to please the entire family!

I was invited to try out the new #bartacosecrettaco , and you know I cannot say no to free food. Especially when it is yummy. They say the holiday season is time to eat, drink, and be merry. That’s precisely what I did while capturing the beauty of Bartaco’s Chapel Hill location.


Bartaco Leaves Nuggets of Home in Each Bite

The manager Mark, gave me an in-depth story on the history of Bartaco. It is intended to be a healthy version street food. Think all you favourite street tacos from various cities in one place. As I sat sipping on my tequila and drinking in the Bartaco conception story, two themes stuck out to me: home and adventure. Co-founder and Creative Director, Sasa Mahr-Batuz,  an Argentinian native with love for travel.  His love for his home country and past adventures pops up throughout the restaurant on and off the menu.


The in house tequila at Bartaco is sweet and inviting #food #bartacosecrettaco


The menu features freshly squeezed drinks, margaritas with signature tequila, and freshly made guac. Once and twice during my time there, I saw staff grabbing fresh fruit from baskets. The walls are lined with images of beaches and mountains and people from Mahr-Batuz’s explorations of the globe. It was truly the perfect blend of Latin America and the rest of the world, which I appreciated. We should always have balance in life. Even in the form of an avocado taco.



Sometimes home is a place. Sometimes home is a taco. Hopefully both make you happy #bartacosecret #blogmas Click To Tweet

The latest #bartacosecrettaco is fried avocado. Bartaco is definitely veggie and vegan friendly #food

Let this be reminder home isn’t always a place. Sometimes it is and other times it is a taco or the view of palm trees year round. You don’t have to be at that exact location to feel at home. As so many are travel across the country to celebrate holidays with new inlaws, stuck far way from the place they call home due to work, or are still searching for the true meaning of home know that your lived experience is valuable. Share it with others in whatever for you can. If it’s food and photography go that route. Find yourself being more of postcard person with an image of you favourite tree in town, pop that in in the mail. Maybe it’s calling up loved ones and discussing memories you have shared. Then pick up that phone and get to chatting. Because that’s what home really is; that place or thing or feeling that makes you feel safe and loved and your best self.





PS: If you want a closer look at my experience at Bartaco, check out my latest Vlogmas video.

  • Shanell

    Your photos caught my eye and your detailed description makes me want to go ASAP! I love that you went further and attached the video.

  • This was a beautifully written post. Your photos are so amazing too.

  • Tonya

    Sometimes home is a taco! Haha! I love that! These pictures are gorgeous, by the way!!

  • You are speaking my language when you say sometimes home is a taco! Tacos are my love language and Bartaco sounds like my kind of place. I would definitely eat here if I am ever in Chapel Hill, the tacos you have pictured look amazing!

  • I love the idea that home is not always a specific place for someone. I call my “home” where I am with my husband and our boys. I also call it “home” when we go visit my parents because that’s where I grew up. I have multiple places that feel like home.

  • I love how you were able to take something as simple (albeit special) as a taco and turn it into a reminder about our definitions of home. Plus, Bartaco seems like the kind of place to bring on sunny day nostalgia- will have to check it out next time I’m in Chapel Hill.

  • Looks like a wonderful place to dine. Home is easily a taco.

  • Its so true that You don’t have to be at that exact location to feel at home. My home is whenever my family is.

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    Your photos are so pretty! These look delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking about it all.

  • looks tasty and has my stamp of approval ; ) I think it’s true that home can be anywhere, for me home is where the family is!
    great read!

  • Glenda

    Mmm, this looks like a great place to eat. I would love to try out these nuggets.

  • beautiful! i SO agree that home isn’t always a place. food can transport us to a magical place sometimes!

  • I love “sometimes home is taco” Any place that serves great food is my second home. Love the pics and I can taste them just by looking at them.