My Best Investment Purchases of 2017- Blogmas Day 8

Your older self will thank you for the investment purchases you've made in your 20s #finance

On the 8th day of blogmas, Aitza gave to me…her investment purchases that will last beyond 2017!

I’m all for investment purchase while you’re in your twenties if you have the funds. I’m all for being frugal when you can, but some things you need to go the extra mile. In the long run, you’ll end up saving more. While I’m not balling, I always save, take advantage of cash back from my credit card, and use my gift money wisely. I truly believe in almost any financial situation; you can make investment purchases.

50mm 1.4 Lens

As graduation approached, I knew I would have to start investing in camera lenses. No more going to the equipment room and renting them out. My lovely extended family sent me money for graduation and used some of those funds to purchase my 50mm lens. It has become my do all lens. It renders amazing and overall image quality.

I opted for a used, like new version and saved myself $55. After three photo sessions my lens was paid for in full.

Cost: $275

4 yr Estimated ROI: 6009%

iPad Pro

Post graduation I was considering replacing my Macbook Pro (2012). It was running slow which caused me to use it rarely. After chatting with an Apple tech for about 2 hours, I decided to upgrade my RAM to get my baby – Josslyn- back in tip-top shape. Well, I still had a nice chunk of change left on my Appl gift card, so I decided to take the plunge and invest in an iPad Pro. Hands down it is the best think bought all year. The 12.9-inch screen feels like I’m working on my Macbook pro. It is lightweight, right for light foot retouches and imports. Once I get my Apple pencil, I plan to do even more in-depth work.

As someone who is currently freelancing and working remotely,  cannot recommend the product enough. It is my dream work tool that I know will last at least four years. My productivity has increased my 40% and I’m trying out more creative personal projects.

My gift card covered 2/3rd of the cost and shipping was free. Apple Care+ cost an extra $100 but it was worth the extra coverage

Cost: $476

4 yr Estimated ROI: 3,429%.

Ann Taylor Wrap Coat

For the last year or so I’ve been in the market for a petite friendly wrap coat. Most of the ones I thought about investing in were too oversized or not well made. Then as luck would have, Jean of ExtraPetite posted on Instagram about the coat being restocked and 50% off, so I immediately jumped at it. Since my mom was looking to get me one more birthday present, she gifted me some of the money.

The weather finally cooled off down here, and the coat has been a dream to wear. I purchased it in an XS petite to allow room for bulky sweaters, and it fits wonderfully. With the softness and thickness of the wool blend, this coat will definitely be in a closet for at least four years. So I’m less likely to buy those $75 coats from H&M.

Cost: $105

4yr Estimated ROI:185%

I’m 23 right now, I can definitely see all these purchases lasting me until I’m 28. There were many other, other investment purchases I would have liked to add this year, but it wasn’t in my savings budget.

Did you all make any large investment purchases in 2017? If so, I’d love to know how you did it. Do you have plans to make the jump and finally invest in something big during 2018? Do me a line below.



  • Sounds like you are headed in the right direction! My big decision for 2017 effects 2018. Sold my biz and am buying a retirement house in the Caribbean!

  • I totally believe in investment pieces. So necessary on all budgets.

  • Thank you Aitza for sharing this, one of my favorite quotes in spending is ““If you can lose money without changing your lifestyle, that investment is fine.”

  • I can see why these items are on your best purchase list. Love my 50mm.

  • I actually didn’t make any long term investments this year. This coming year I may but I have some goals of buying a few items for my kids and a maybe a trip.

  • Oh I love this idea. Though I have no idea how you calculated your rate of return! This year 75% of my income went to school loans and after two years they are finally over 60% paid off. Another year and I should be close to done and that’s a huge thing for me. Once it’s paid off the return on the education is huge and that’s what I’m most looking forward too.

    • Aitza B

      For the coat, I took the cost of an H&M coat $75 x4 =$300. $300-$105=$195 . $195/$105=1.857 * 100= 186%. For the iPad Pro and lens I used for rates as a freelancer to calculate expected income. Aggressively tackling your student loans is definitely a huge investment. There’s freedom in being debt free and education is so important. Kudos to you, Angela!

  • My 50mm prime lens is easily my favorite lens as well! And my husband just got an ipad pro as an early Christmas present and loves it. They are both great investments.

  • This year I haven’t made any big investment purchases, I hoping that I can get a nice camera for my blogging next year.

  • Ashtyn

    I didn’t make any big investments this year, but I’m hoping to next year! I love that wrap coat too.

  • Marjie Mare

    One of my best investment for 2017 was a class that I took to help me improve my public speaking skill. I always find an excuse to purchase stuff, but this was really the best for me.