Secret Santa Reveal – Blogmas Day 10

Merry Christmas! Who doesn't love gift giving via Secret Santa! #blogmas

On the 10th day of blogmas, Aitza gave to me… gifts from her Secret Santa in 2017!


So that rhyme wasn’t all that hot, but we’re still going strong! Merry Christmas to all those celebrating! Everyone else, Happy Monday! I love participating in Secret Santa, mainly because my love language is gifting, but it also gives me a chance to connect with new people. This year I joined in on  Abigail and Cathleen‘s Blogger Secret Santa! My Secret Santa was Taylor of Espresso and Ambition. I had so much fun browsing Taylor’s blog and getting to learn a bit more about her. Her instagram is so aesthetically pleasing, so I urge you all to check it out. My giftee was Alyssa of Living in Full Bloom. Now on to the gift reveal!


Secret Santa Gifts


My secret santa gift wrapped with an adorable tag #blogmas #christmas

Taylor’s gifts were perfect and truly put a smile on my face. One of the first things I did was make my second cup of tea and try out OPI’s Pale to the Chief. OPI polishes are one of my ultimate loves but I rarely splurge on them, so receiving two sent me over the moon. Pale to the Chief came from Kerry Washington’s OPI collaboration and Tickle My France-y has been approved by darker skinned women on Tumblr, so I was excited to try them out.

Pale to the Chief and Tickle My France for perfect for black women. #beauty #christmas

We all know I’m a self proclaimed tea lover, so seeing my very adorable mug stuffed with my favourite tea bags was so creative and sweet. Ironically, I almost bought this exact mug a few back because I don’t have enough gold accent pieces in my life.

This Stay Gold mug Secret Santa #gift from Taylor of Expresso and Ambition was perfect for tea lover like me


We have two more blogmas post, then it’s back to the regular once a week schedule. Did you all participate in a Secret Santa or White Elephant this year? Did any of your gifts surprise you? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, but had the day off, how do plan to spend it?


Be merry and bright!






  • Candy

    No secret Santa or white elephant parties this year. We scaled back and made it more homey.

  • We did one gift exchange. I got a lovely blue scarf and some fuzzy socks, plus this amazing warm throw blanket. Merry Christmas.

  • This is the 1st time I have heard of blogmas. We did have secret santa at my job and have for the past couple of years.

  • So cool! You got a great gift. I just love that mug. I didn’t do a Secret Santa this year. Maybe next!

  • OPI polishes are my favorite. I rarely splurge on myself as well so I can udnerstand your excitement at receiving them as a gift!

  • These are all great gifts to receive during a Secret Santa exchange! I haven’t done one of those in a while but I would love to!

  • I love a good secret santa and looks like you had some lovely gifts, I ddin’t like mine at all and left it somewhere I dont have to see it.

  • No secret Santa… maybe next year! I too love OPI nail polish and gold accents, or silver (anything shiny really). Hope you had a good Christmas. 🙂

  • That’s a great gift! We actually didn’t have any Secret Santa celebrations this year. Usually we have one for dance and sometimes for school, but not this year. It is fun to come up with cute ideas like this!

  • I miss working outside home because of these kind of activities. Secret Santa is so much fun!

  • E H

    What a wonderful idea to participate in – I started reading and thinking you got it through work like my husband did, but this was actually a gift from a fellow blogger – how fun is that! Great gifts and such a sweet post!

    • Aitza B

      It is certainly fun and a great way to network, especially when you’re working from home. Thanks so much for commenting, EH

  • I love surprises on my former job we use to have this Secret Santa . I had a great time the gift giving is always fun.

    • Aitza B

      Truly is one of the perks of the season. Hope you had a lovely holiday, Farrah.

  • I didn’t do any Secret Santa challenges this year, but “blog-mas” sounds really fun! I would have been over the moon about getting OPI nail polish too…that line of nail polish is one of my guilty pleasures 🙂

    • Aitza B

      Be sure to keep secret santa and blogmas on your list for 2018. You meet so many cool peeps. Thanks so muhc for stopping by, K.

  • That is so fun! I miss doing Secret Santa stuff! Plus, that mug is so cute.

  • LavandaMichelle

    Secrect Santa was fun like always. I got a pair of fuzzy socks and a mug.

    • Aitza B

      I love fuzzy socks so much. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Lavanda