Travel – What to Wear Weekend Mountain Trip

A packing guide with layering is perfect for impromptu adventures in the mountains

On the 11th day of blogmas, Aitza gave to me…what to wear to make any mountain trip Instagram worthy!

Happy last few days of 2017. I’m coming today with a post that is little over a week late. The weekend before Christmas, I made my way to the mountains of North Carolina with my cousin Mary and her friends. We lodged in this cosy cabin located in Lake Lure, NC – the place Dirty Dancing and The Last of the Mohicans were filmed- and just had a great time being on with nature and eating well. I vlogged a bit and as a post-trip recap thought I would share a packing guide with you all.


Packing Guide Helping You Pick What to Wear for a Weekend Mountains Trip #travel


Packing Guide: What to Wear Mountains Edition

Footwear wasn't needed indoors, which is why fuzzy socks are top priority on my packing guide #travel

We arrived on Friday and left Sunday afternoon, so it was a relatively short trip, but we all know I’m a fan of domestic travel and weekend trips. This is can such a stressful time of year trying to stay under budget, meet work deadlines, and make sure you connect with people at the end of the year, it is nice to get away from it all for a bit…but I digress. This short trip meant I didn’t have much to pack.



After checking the predicted forecast for the umpteenth time, because North Carolina has such finicky weather, I pulled pieces that would be great for layering, going on a hike, lounging around inside, and partaking in a bit of shopping.  I travelled for about four hours that day, two hours on the train and two hours in the car so my outfit was leggings, jeans, hoodie, field jacket, coat, and hat. Traveling in comfort doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. I also wore the same outfit back. For my time in the mountains, my fleece Carolina sweats were perfect for lounging around, sleeping in, and staying comfy inside. No packing list is complete without fuzzy socks. The season does not matter, always pack fuzzy socks, good people.


A blanket scarf to keep warm on cold nights is the perfect item for a mountain trip packing guide. #travel


Additionally, I packed two flannels, black and dark wash jeans, booties, converse, fleece-lined leggings, two sweaters, beanie, and blanket scarf. The only thing I would recommend is a vest, which I do not own. I chose pieces that were great for mixing and matching, depending on my mood because I still like versatility with my outfit planning. For me, this was packing light and that is a huge accomplishment for me.

A field jacket and coat are must what to wear packing guide items for the mountains #travel

coat – thifted (XS) // booties – kohls(7)// jeans – levis ( 24 short) // field jacket – j crew ( XXS)// sweater- gap (XS)// scarf – marshals// fedora – j crew factory (M/L) // glasses – warby parker (chamberlain)



Lake Lure was gorgeous and roaming around downtown Asheville was nice. I’m looking forward to returning during warmer months. If you’re more of a visual person, be sure to check out my Pack with Me vlog!




Packing Guide Helping You Pick What to Wear for a Weekend Mountains Trip #travel
  • This looks so relaxing and beautiful! I love your scarf too.

  • Marjie Mare

    Beautiful outfit and of course the camera is part of the outfit.

  • Looks very cozy and comfortable. I’m really digging the scarf. I’ve become a huge scarf fan as it works for any and every outfit during this season.

    • Aitza B

      I love a good blanket scarf. Great in the winter to stay warm and perfect to scary around for the spring and summer to use as a blanket. Thanks for stopping by, Rhonda.

  • I love weekend trips away too, and I love how cute you looked on this one! Love the ideas!

    • Aitza B

      They are my favourite. Such a great way to get a change of scenery. Thanks so much for the compliment, Leah.

  • I like your style, simple but classy and warm lol.

  • What a beautiful trip! Loved your photos and your styling tips. All of those items are perfect for a hiking or mountain trip. Thanks for sharing : )

  • I totally lived reading your post gorgeous!! What to pack has always been such a daunting question and you have broken it down so well.

  • Looks like you enjoyed your weekend with some stylish numbers. Alot of layers for hiking, but it might be the colder weather. It’s summer in Australia and you would die from heat stroke if you wore that outfit. Love the style of the jeans. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tonya

    Okay, I’m not an active person at all, but if I ever do go to the moutains or go hiking, even, this is perfect! Saving this!

  • So many cute outfits here. Keeping in mind for my next outdoorsy adventure.

  • Ray

    You manage to make the rugged woods so stylish! I can barely coordinate an outfit on a normal day. You rock!

    • Aitza B

      Awww, thank you so much, Ray! That was my goal. Most days I’m bumming it in a sweatshirt and leggins. lol

  • Lovelovelove your packing guide for traveling to the mountains! Sometimes it’s hard to know what to bring along!

    • Aitza B

      It truly can be. I’m so glad I’ve gotten past overpacking. Thanks so much for commenting, Erica.

  • Looks like you had yourself all prepared for the mountains. I know that I need to get myself some good boots before going back out there to the mountains again. Always having good hiking shoes is a necessity for the mountains.

    • Aitza B

      The next time I go, I’ll definitely have to take some hiking boots with me. There was so much I didn’t see during this trip. Thanks so much for commenting, David.

  • Kim

    You look so comfy yet stylish! I love layering up on mountain trips!!

    • Aitza B

      Layering is a must for me. I’d freeze otherwise. Thanks so much for the compliment, Kim.

  • Flannel is a must for weekends in the woods. The vest is a good recommendation. I’ll definitely be adding it to my shopping trip. Great article!

  • Love the stylish collection. I am a big lover of scarfs, so I particularly like that. It’s good that you can dress so stylish and pretty even for a trip in the mountains.

  • What an idyllic spot by the river. It must be cold at this time of the year, but it looks like you’re very well-prepared (stylishly 🙂 I might add) for it. Thanks for the tips.

    • Aitza B

      It was the perfect spot for a mini photo shoot, it’s amazing the little spots you find on a short drive. Thanks for stopping by, Fairuz.

  • I love all those items especially because they are not only simple but stylish and classy. Simple chic if you will. I’d definitely wear any of the pieces. Awesome post!

    • Aitza B

      That was my goal. You can be fashionable and stay warm. Thanks so much for commenting!

  • I always thought of getting trekking boots for hiking, but I guess your boots worked too, was it not difficult to walk with, like slippery? Thanks for the round up…looks fashionably comfy!