Trader Joe’s Mineral Sunscreen Stick

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Over the summer I was in need of another sunscreen, as I  accidentally packed mine away and placed it in storage. I refused to drive twenty minutes and spend another hour screen through totes and bins.So inside I carried on about my day, wearing my last little bit of sample sunscreen from Origins, praying it didn’t make me look like a smurf. While living my life, picking up vitamins to stay healthy, I stumbled upon Trader Joe’s Mineral Sunscreen Stick for $6. I immediately tossed the product into my basket, because it was the cheapest I’d seen any mineral sunscreen and figured Trader Joe’s had never done me wrong.


It is not Dark Skin Girl Friendly

When testing it out, I discovered it has a white cast. Almost ashy white. I’d guess as the day progresses it seeps into your skin, but I can’t go outside our two hours looking like winter came, and no one was kind enough to pass me some shea butter. If you’re of a lighter hue, this may not be an issue, but for me, this was a huge turnoff.

If You Have Oily Skin, Don’t Bother


This product has coconut oil in it. If you have oily skin, combo-oily skin, or acne prone skin that is one ingredient you want to steer clear of. Coconut oil is very comedogenic(pore-clogging) and will cause all sorts of breakouts. If you’re on the journey to clear skin that is the last thing you need in your life.

source: trader joe’s reviews

The Final Straw for Me

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m allergic to cocoa butter. I’m the only black person I’ve met who cannot use cocoa butter. The stuff makes me itch. The ancestors betrayed me yall! In addition to all the other faults, this was the nail in the coffin for me. The last thing I need to be doing all year is picking at my face because it itches half the day. I learnt a valuable lesson of taking the 45 seconds to skim the ingredients labels.


Final Thoughts

If you have a lighter skin tone, Rashida Jones or lighter, I don’t think the white cast will be much of an issue for you. If you have dry skin, this is the definitely something to look into. The coconut oil, avocado oil and argan oil are perfect for your skin. If you have combo oily skin, paper bag or darker skin tone this product is not for you. Despite all my struggles, I had no problems returning this product to Trader Joe’s. It was hassle free, so shoutout to their customer service.


What sunscreen have you been wearing? Do you have any mineral sunscreen suggestions for me? Are you going to try out the Trader Joe’s Mineral Sunscreen Stick? Let me know below.



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Aitza B

Part of my journey to clear skin includes finding a suitable sunscreen, so I wanted to review Trader Joe's Mineral Sunscreen Stick on my combination oily skin., #acne , skincare , hyperpigmentation, #beauty
  • So unfortunate that the Trader Joe’s sunscreen left a white cast. I love my Make P:rem (Korean brand) Blue Ray Sun Gel, it feels like a moisturizer, absorbs into the skin, and doesn’t leave any residue (and I have oily skin). You can get it on Amazon πŸ™‚ The orange cap version (Make P:rem capsule sun gel) is more of a translucent formula and just as good too. The Glossier one is quite pricey for the amount of product but I’ve tried it and it feels really nice and is known to work on all skin tones. Hope you find one you love πŸ™‚

  • Ugh that sucks. I definitely wont be able to deal with the white cast, and I have oily skin as well. Also, the smell of cocoa butter also bothers me πŸ™

  • thesophiadiaries

    never heard of this before, but thanks for still sharing your honest review πŸ™‚ i definitely think this is important within the beauty community!

  • Sounds great for pale people with super dry skin but too bad they didn’t make it for all skin tones! I know oils are healthy for our skin but I don’t want to feel greasy! I had not heard of it before until now so it’s good info to have on hand!

  • Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    Sorry you had such a bad experience! I’ve never used a sunscreen stick before, but it sounds like a better solution than smearing cream on my face. Also thanks for the info on coconut oil–I never knew it clogged pores!

  • Jenny Austin Finney

    I rarely use sunscreen, only during the summer and if I’m vacationing near a beach. I know, everyone should wear sunscreen, anytime going out in the sun. This brand seems like it was a bad experience for ya. I hope you find A brand that works well.

  • Emily Michelle Fata

    Oh, no… it’s awful that the sunscreen left a white cast. Did you manage to find a sunscreen that worked well with your skin type and colour?

  • Cool place to get food, not so great for makeup for the woman of color. Good post!

  • It’s a shame this didn’t suit you, and seems to be only suitable for a lighter skin. On a more positive note the oils sound really hydrating which is sometimes hard to find in a sunscreen!

  • Theresa

    I’ve tried sunscreen sticks before and it’s never been good. I find them to be too dry and difficult to spread evenly on skin. Thank you for your honest review of this product.

  • Censie ‘Mumby’ Sawyer

    I need to run to my Trader Joes. I burn so bad, especially my face so I always have to keep sunscreen on hand all the time! THis looks like a great option for me. Going to have to check it out.

    • This would be perfect for you. It’s very portable and easy to apply so perfect if you’re on the go.

  • LisaLisa01

    I’ve never tried sunscreen sticks but, before I head to Hawaii I know I need to grab a few. I wonder how well they would work on my skin. I’m all for good sunscreen products that will protect my skin. Thanks for sharing.

    • You should give them a try if you don’t have oily skin. Also, have fun in Hawaii. I’m sure they’ll be an amazing trip!

  • Thanks for such an honest and clear review Aitza! These are definitely things I would want to know before buying this . . .

    • Glad this review was helpful, Tiffany

  • Confession: I hardly ever wear sunscreen. I pretty much just pile on some banana boat or coppertone or something at the beach, but other than that I’m terrible at applying sunscreen. I’m sorry this sunscreen didn’t work out for you, but these are all valid points to bring up when looking for a sunscreen!

    • I was the same way until I started using retin-A. Now I’m at risk of severe sunburn if I don’t use it. And I love coopertone for my beach days!

  • Gust Și AromΔƒ

    I don’t wear sunscreen. I am afraid to do wrong something and look a mess. Maybe it is only my idea. So, I have no alternate that to wait the summer sun! πŸ™‚ But it was great to hear sincere product opinion with a lot of useful tips!

  • Kathleen @AnyTots

    Oh wow, I didn’t realize Trader Joe’s sell sunscreen. I always just pick my staples and head out. Thanks for letting me know. It might work for me though coz’ I have lighter skin and it’s quite dry.

    • Yes, they have an entire beauty section that I love. I’m obsessed with their lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. They are very reasonably prices work better than some of the expensive brands I’ve used. If you this sunscreen out, I hope it works for you, Kathleen

  • Rashida Abiola

    I am dark skinned (Viola Davis dark) and for the longest (up until 2 months ago), I always thought I didnt need sunscreen until my cousin who is a dermatologist enlightened me a few months ago. It is called Athelios 60. I used to have a skin condition called Tinea Vesicolor, it is a discoloration that is worsened by exposure to the sun. I noticed it cleared since I started using this sunscreen… I spent so much money on dermatologist none of them mentioned using a sunscreen. Thanks for this post.