Screenshot My Month – January 2018

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Hi all,

So similar to monthly favourites, screenshot my month is a peek into my life. The story about the little screenshots you may see on my social media account or photos that aren’t released for public consumption. There’s a little bit of everything on here, but I thought I would be fun and a way to be a bit more transparent. This was something I loved doing on Babycakes Briauna  and find that I miss the practice. So let’s jump into it!

Personal Development

I’m learning German! I haven’t discarded my quest to learn French,but I thought it would be good to have a non-romance language under my belt. Currently I’m using Duolingo in conjunction with Learn German with Anja on YouTube. I’m learning for sites that have free worksheets I can print out and practice. If any of you speak German or are currently learning it, I would to know about any resources.


I got laid off at the beginning of the year. It isn’t fun but that’s life. Hopefully my emergency fund will last me until I get another job and of course it always help to have a side hustle so you can have a little cash flow coming in. Until then, the hunt continues and I’ll kept utilising LinkedIn and my weak ties.

Pop Culture

My favourite show of month was Black Lightning on CW. The family dynamic is stellar on top of the protagonist being  a middle aged, divorced , former Olympian, and father of two who decided to return to his hometown and become an educator to give back. These are the type of diverse narratives I like to see.


This is sort of a two for one but I started the The Financial Diet and it’s super helpful for financial newbies. Plus it has stellar in book art. Continuing my financial education, which could also be classified as personal development, I signed up for a personal finance class on coursera.


This book didn’t make my Winter Reading List roundup, but I loved the Swede by Maureen Smith. It follows the roamance between Scarlett , a traveling rock star, and Viggo, one of the highest paid hockey players in the NHL. I greatly appreciated the development of side characters and some of the difficult topics explored such as side effects of childhood abuse and coming out to ones family. It is on the longer side, but February is the month of love so why not add a little romance to your life.

Behind the Lens

It snow! This a rarity in the south. I enjoy it for a few days then I’m like “Okay, sunshine come and take it away.” Before the sun melted all the snow I went outside to practice shooting in the natural light. There isn’t a high chance I’ll market myself as a natural light photographer, but it is a skill I’d like to have under my tool belt. It was fun because I got to rock my fur coat and stunt on Instagram.


That’s all I have folks. I’d love to know the highlights of your January? Did you have any big changes ? Are you loving some new (or old) shows? Drop me a line. 


Aitza B

  • so exciting that you are learning German!! I cant barley learn french lol

  • I love learning new languages! Duolingo is one of my fave ways to pick up key phrases easily!

  • thesophiadiaries

    thanks for sharing this!! and being so honest <3 good luck on your job journey this year! i'm sure everything will work out <3

  • I learned German in school! I’m attempting to keep my semi-fluency by doing Duolingo and reading German newspapers. It’s hard when you don’t have a conversational partner – I always found that to be the easiest way to pick it up. Sounds like the year so far has been a mixed bag for you, but I love your positivity!

  • Jennifer Maune

    Good luck on the job hunt! And good luck with learning German, you go for learning a new language!

  • Courtney Drew

    Wow learning German, that’s awesome! Good luck job hunting!

    Xo Courtney Drew

  • Becca Wilson

    I took French in high school but have German origins. I would love to learn the language.

  • As a personal finance blogger and fanatic I’m always excited to hear about people taking steps to educate themselves about finance and improve their financial habits! I hope you enjoy the book and the course 🙂

    I’m actually starting to read Wealth by Virtue and it has some really cool art as well. Shoot me an email in a few weeks and I’ll send you my copy in the mail when I’m done reading it!


  • Chelsea Leinenbach Adams

    I started a blog in January, and I have stuck with most of my blog related goals all month. I also started the show This is Us. OH MY GOSH it is soooo good!

  • Gisele Gamble

    It sounds like your focus is great for 2018. I used to work in finance and have managed my own portfolio along with advice from a CFA. It is interesting and can be challenging.

  • Audrey Knizek

    I love this type of monthly roundup! I’ve used Duolingo to continue my French education and its so helpful.

  • Censie ‘Mumby’ Sawyer

    Oh gosh! So sorry to hear about you being laid off but I am happy to hear you had some money stashed away, so many of us do not think of that. I am sending you all kinds of positive vibes for a great job to come along.

  • Sorry to hear about getting laid off, but hopefully that means something even better is around the corner! I need to check out Black Lightning and The Financial Diet!

  • Wow German and French are not easy languages to learn! I love learning languages though, it’s so fun to me!

  • Good luck in the job search! You had such great advice about weak ties in that post and I’m sure you’ll find something amazing in no time! :]

  • Vanessa Palma

    This was such a fun read! I’ve been enjoying the snow and will miss it when it’s gone again. I’ve also been spending snow days with the family.


    My January was so similar to yours ! I was also laid off :-/ and I am Loving black lightening!!! 👯‍♀️ What intrigued you to learn German?