About Me

Meet Aitza

I’m a 20 something , 5 foot 2 bundle of sass and sarcasm attending UNC . A creative thinker and a do-er. I am a confident, personable and self driver. I am a firm believer that any issue can be solved with a hot cup of tea and a clean perspective. Tweeting about pop culture is my addiction and I somehow find time to blog in between. I have experience working in health care, development, and project management. Post graduation I aspire to obtain at PhD in Organizational Behaviour or Organizational Communication.  Recently I fell back in love with photography. My hope is to share my love for photography with you all, and add a little brightness to your lives by helping you tell your stories. I am always looking for new people to work with so please don’t be shy.

Twitter: @petiteatiza
Instagram: petitelypackaged
Snapchat: petiteatiza
Email: aitza@petitelypackaged.com